Garden Rooms, Garden Offices & Summer Houses

we can build any size from 8x8 small offices through 10x16 medium size studios/offices up to 30x16ft large units

Looking for a Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Studio, or Summer House? Here at Craft Garden Sheds we specialize in building bespoke garden rooms, garden offices, and garden buildings. Our garden rooms are fully insulated (floor + walls + roof). Our walls, floor, and roof are built using a “multilayer” system (Timber + 2 membranes + frame + insulation + membrane + internal finish). Every building comes with double glazed PVC windows and doors, a steel roof, electrical wiring, and internal finish (laminated floor panels, T&G timber walls). Every building is designed according to your needs after a conversation with you, so you can be sure it’s perfect for you and always at a low affordable price.

Every building is unique because is designed and build around your concept.

1. Firstly we need to have a detailed conversation about your idea, floor size, why you need building like this and how you will use it.
2. Our specialist will advise you on available options, customizations and layout as well as offer you a practical solutions.
3. We will prepare simple mock up (drawings) and list all features you requested.
4. We will offer you best price including delivery and installation.

call craft garden sheds Edenderry
call craft garden sheds Edenderry Co.Offaly
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Bespoke garden offices with PVC windows
Insulated garden offices
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Large Garden Room for pool table
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Craft Garden Sheds Ireland
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Bespoke insulated garden offices Edenderry
Garden shed with garden gym
garden gym with PVc windows and doors
Garden gym unit Dublin Ireland
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timber garden offices with veranda and storage Ireland
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Bespoke Garden GYM
Garden Gym and garden studio
custom build garden offices from Craft Garden Sheds
garden office with PVC windows and doors
garden office and utility room
garden office and utility room bespoke design
small garden office from Craft Sheds
Craft Garden Sheds Edenderry

PVC Double Glazed Windows & Doors

As a standard we are using 80mm double glazed PVC windows and doors with A rating. We offer a selection of different sizes single and double doors as well as over 200 sizes of windows with tilting and opening systems. That way every building comes with glazing exactly as per customer request. We also have a range of sliding doors and windows with aluminum frames. As a standard we offer grey anthracite color frames as they beautifully match natural color of our timber but upon request we can change color to any one you like.

insulated garden rooms with PVC double glazed windows and doors
timber garden rooms from Craft garden sheds Edenderry Co.Offaly

Stylish Internal finish

Our garden rooms, garden offices and summer houses are not only solid but also stylish and beautiful inside. We put attention into details when finishing buildings with T&G timber panels (walls + ceiling), laminated floors, corners, skirtings and more. We offer different options of internal finish depending on the effect you want to achieve. Every building can be customized according to your vision and decorated accordingly.

Electrical Wiring, Lights, Sockets

We offer electrical wiring including sockets, lights, switches, mains box and external connection socket. All sockets and lights are installed exactly as per your request so building offer very unique functionality. We can add external lights that bring life to your building and light at night time. We are using brushed steel sockets, switches and lights for even better modern effect.

garden rooms with electrical wiring, sockets and light.
garden office insulated and with electrical wiring Edenderry Co.Offaly

Insulation - Multilayer Wall System

Every garden room is fully insulated (floor + walls + roof). We are using high coidentity insulation "rockwool". Walls are build with multilayer system this mean: From outside 20mm treated ship lap + breathable membrane 150g/sqm + 75mm insulation + 115g/sqm breathable membrane + 18mm T&G timber finish inside. We understand that you need comfortable space for work and pleasure. This is why we deliver warm buildings, that keep heat inside. 

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